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Yeah, since we didn't really have anything else to do I (Jt) have decided to further implant my opinions into your minds!!.
We all know that Starcraft is awesome...but there is a new draw!! There is a WOW trial cd that comes with it FREE! I was like OH BABY, another reason to buy this game!! So I shelled out my 20 bucks to get the battle chest...hey it runs on MAC...and know, called all my cool friends over, and we played Starcraft over the network. So after my awesomely cool friends and I finished kicking some butt in Starcraft I decided to rate it. I give it a thumbs up even though the graphics suck quite a bit. Anyhow....I recommend kept me from doing my term paper anyway!!!
Yo this game is sweet...vintage had to buy it...but that's not the real reason!! This game is freakin' awesome. I finally get to walk around the old west like CLint and shoot some random civilians. In addition to that I get to ride around on a horesy!! Did I mention that you can walk around like Clint and shoot civilians and stuff...yeah!! Vintage and I played this game for like a billion hours trying to figure out how many people we could take out before getting killed. The only bad thing about this game is that it is kinda short...also....there is a pop limit onscreen so the Clinting is limited...kinda. Other than that it is quite awesome!!
If you have not seen this movie yet you are a deprived human being, I'm not talking you are in Rwanda starving, I'm talking you were plopped in Antarctica after you were born with no clothing (Like UV). This movie is so awesome with some great family values. You know; never siding with the Tatalligias or Moe Green, or snitching to the cops after your brother in-law makes a hit! Domestic violence would surely decrease if couples were required to watch this when they were married. I mean did you see the respect that was paid to the elders?? When the Don put out his hand you had to kiss is, YOU HAD TO KISS IT!! Now that's power!! If George W. put out his hand a dog would come up and sniff it/bite it/both. And I mean when I put out my hand someone puts a dime into it!! At least mine is profitable!! Anyhow, back to the movie, if you haven't seen it you should, if you have seen it see it again. That's an order from the Don himself!!
Now as some of you may have realized i am a very disturbed person. Now you may think that i liked this movie because of the gore, and i did! So you got this homicidal cancer patient. He decides to be like Darwin and test human nature. The best torcher i saw in this movie has to be the Inversed-bear trap
So this Emo druggy is captured. She wakes up and can only taste metal, and blood. The trap was connected to her upper, and lower jaw, so when the timer goes off it springs open! She had to remove the key from a dead guys stomach. the only bad part is she lives. then she becomes a better person! Now i didnt scratch the little plot there is because-

I dont feel like it!

Ocarina of TIME (Zelda)
Well, I am too lazy to say anything now but this is one of the best games ever

Dark Watch

Since i am a major fan of the Disturbed areas, Van Helsing, Saw I and II, Constantine, and Muppet treasure island, i was pumped for this game to come out i waited and got it for christmas. Now, don't get me wrong, killing zombies in the campaign was a ton of fun for me. The only sad side is that i beat the game in two days. So it had an excellent short campaign but the multiplayer sucked. I don't know why i just think that there should have been a co -operative mode so Jt and I could go crusing and rough riding. Overall an okay game, i give it vintage award of 2005, wait no i give it runner-up to Destroy all Humans now that was some good fun. Any ways i would suggest to you people out there who are interested in 2 days of fun to RENT dark watch, or buy it and be stuck with it forever!


This Just in! Dark watch is a great campaign! but its nly fun on the hardest level!

I have started playing it again! and i find it horribly addicting to cut off zombies heads!

well... the multiplayer still sucks!


This movie was a outstanding. The way that they went in depth with the history of hell was amazing. See just like the md-east and USA there is a raging war between heaven and hell. We humans are just finger puppets, Demons stay in hell and angels in heaven, demons can only whisper in our ears and make us do bad things! now if i was a demon...

This family feature film wins vintage movie award of 2004 (?)

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